broadband in dorset

Comparing fibre broadband deals just got a whole lot easier thanks to new rules forcing suppliers to make their price adverts clearer.

Firms can no longer separate the line rental and monthly cost of an internet connection, under changes brought in by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The ASA also wants suppliers to make sure ads give greater prominence to things like the length of contracts, prices after any initial discount has ended and up-front costs like installation or activation fees.

More information on clearer pricing rules.

Good deals as price war hots up

There are some cracking fibre broadband deals out there at the moment.

From free and unlimited fibre broadband for new customers, to powerful routers which promise to bring wifi to the furthest reaches of your home, suppliers are pulling out all the stops to attract your business.

Over 90 per cent of Dorset premises can now get superfast speeds (24Mbs or more) and we are working hard to improve things for everyone else.

Financial help for those on slowest speeds

Fibre isn’t the only way that residents can get a better broadband connection. The Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme aims to help those on the poorest speeds to improve their service.

Residents and businesses that are not in our fibre broadband plans, and are on less than 2Mbps, could be eligible for a subsidy towards the installation cost of a wireless or a satellite broadband connection.

Wireless and satellite technologies are capable of reaching properties in the most rural parts of the county, offering a solution where fibre deployment would be more complex and very expensive. These technologies enable us to meet our commitment for better broadband to be accessible to everyone.

More than 400 voucher codes have already been issued in Dorset, helping individuals and entire communities. This summer broadband speeds in Kimmeridge were transformed thanks to local wireless supplier VoIP Unlimited.

See the video case study and more information about the scheme.