Would you like to gain a bit more confidence using your computer?

Looking for computer lessons? I can offer you relaxed, friendly tuition in the comfort of your own Purbeck home. If you own a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or iPad I can help you improve your skills. Perhaps you just need a bit of guidance to get to grips with sending an email, or searching for something on the internet. If it’s basic office skills like writing a letter or word processing, we can look at that too. You can learn at home, stress-free, and at your own pace.

Senior learner having computer lessons

So what are the advantages of home tuition?

  • I travel to you, so you can just relax.
  • You set your own pace. No time wasted.
  • Non-judgemental, friendly, patient teacher.
  • Private one-to-one personalised learning.
  • Focussed learning on what you want to achieve.
  • Use your own familiar computer or device.
  • Jargon-free clear explanations.
  • Clarity given to improve understanding of basics.

Where to Start?

Computer lessons in Purbeck

That’s a very common question. I’ll take you through the very first ABC steps to help you on your way. The computer will soon be your friend. We’ll debunk the mystery out of the machine. You may be a total beginner, and understandably feel a little nervous at first, or intimidated by all the jargon. I’ll help you get the confidence to know what you’re doing, and understand all the terminology. We’ll take it at your own pace, no pressure, in a relaxed way. I like to keep it friendly and informal. It doesn’t matter what type of machine you own, desktop PC, laptop or tablet, or how new it is, progress can always be made. Familiarity is a good thing for beginners so we’ll use your own machine, and tailor the lesson around your own needs, and what you want to get out of it. So if it’s just something specific you want to learn, that’s perfectly okay, we can look at that. The main thing is you will be using the machine right from the start, to build your confidence.

We can start with the very basics: starting up the computer, using the mouse and keyboard, and safely shutting down the machine. You can learn the basic computer terminology, and how to do things in a better way, and become more confident as a result. I can show you around the Windows system and help to get you updated with the latest version.

Here are some commonly asked questions:

What will I be taught?

That is entirely up to you. It may be that you just want to know about one thing in particular. Or it may be much more, so you decide. We’ll take it step by step until you get out of the lesson what you want to get out of it.

Do I have to commit up front to several lessons?

Not at all. You can book up just the one computer lesson, or more if you prefer. You can book more as and when you need.

How long does a computer lesson actually last?

The lesson lasts one hour. This can be varied according to your needs, and the price adjusted accordingly. It is often a good idea if it is your very first computer lesson to have a two hour lesson to start with.

How much does each computer lessons cost?

The lessons will take place in your own home, or suitable venue. Lessons cost £20 for a full hour session. Payment is accepted at the end of the lesson by cash, cheque or mobile banking. OAPs are entitled to a 25% reduction.

Will it matter what type of  computer I have?

No. I can teach you on any computer that has any version of Microsoft Windows. Tablets and iPads can also be catered for.

In which locations do Wessex Digital offer computer lessons – where do I have to live?

The area covered by Wessex Digital is defined by the Purbeck District Council area. It is a large geographical region stretching from Winfrith Newburgh and Wool in the East, to Swanage and Worth Matravers in the west. From the south in Kingston and Lulworth it stretches north to Wareham and Bere Regis.

Within these bounds, we will visit students in their homes in any of the Purbeck towns and villages, including: Wareham, Swanage, Bere Regis, Wool, Corfe Castle, Winfrith Newburgh, Moreton, Bovington, East Stoke, East Holm, East Lulworth, West Lulworth, Kimmeridge, Coombe Keynes, East Knighton, Chaldon Herring, Sandford, Arne, Stoborough, Ridge, Church Knowle, Furzebrook, East Creech, Steeple, Kingston, Worth Matravers, Langton Matravers, Studland, Ulwell, Harman’s Cross, Briantspuddle, Affpuddle, Turnerspuddle, Morden, Bloxworth, Lytchett Matravers, Lytchett Minster, Holton Heath and Upton. If you live anywhere within the Purbeck DC area we will travel to you.

Do I offer computer lessons outside of Purbeck?

Yes. But the fees will vary according to how far I have to travel outside the Purbeck area. I am very happy to visit you in Poole, Parkstone or Bournemouth. The Purbeck good neighbours of the Boroughs of  Poole and Bournemouth, because of their nearby vicinity, are covered by the basic fees. For all other areas outside of the Purbecks please contact me for a quote.

Here is a map of the Purbeck DC area marked by the red boundary:

Computer lessons - Purbeck District Council map

Can I teach anyone of any ages?

Yes. There is no upper or lower age limit to who I can teach. The main objective however, is to help older people improve their computer skills.  Computer literacy among the older generation is improving but there is still a lot to be done. As part of this effort I also work as part of Dorset Council’s Digital Champion programme, which aims to help our older citizens get online.

Computer Classes for the Elderly

If you are one of the Purbeck’s senior citizens and frankly find it all a little bit perplexing, then I have the ideal solution for you. I can tailor a short course of lessons dedicated to your own personal ability and requirements. You will be able to ask me absolutely anything you want, and I will attempt to explain things to you in jargon-free, plain and simple English. ‘Digital inclusion’ just means making sure you’re included with the rest of society that have the ability to access digital technology (computers, the internet etc.) and consequently, digital media (the web, email etc.). Some older people are getting left behind, and I want to help put that right by providing computer training for the elderly residents of Purbeck. If that’s you I can help – contact me.

Can I fix computer hardware problems?

It depends on the nature of the problem. I am not a trained hardware technician, but if it is just a minor problem I can usually do something to help. I can certainly teach you how to keep your computer free of ‘viruses’ and ‘spyware’. If you’re not confident with fixing computer hardware it’s probably a good idea to have a warranty on your computer.


Computer lessons at home in Purbeck

What things can I learn to do with my computer?

There are so many different ways of using your machine. It’s probably easier if I just set out a few ideas for you here. So the following is a list of things you could be doing with your machine.

Getting Your Computer Online and Exploring The Internet

  • Searching the web for information with Google and other search engines
  • Computer lessons to learn how to shop and buy groceries online
  • Lessons on bidding on Ebay or buying and selling online
  • Research your family tree, and discover about your ancestors
  • Expand your knowledge and find answers to your questions with Wickipedia
  • Get the latest weather forecast for anywhere in the world
  • Learn how to join in with social media such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Computer lessons on how to use dating web sites safely and securely
  • Find Up-to-date news bulletins, get all the latest headlines
  • Skype, video chatting with relatives, or anyone anywhere
  • Route planning, maps, directions and travel plans
  • Learn how to book flights and holidays abroad and find great offers

Get Your Own Email Address and Learn How to Read and Reply to Emails

  • Learning About Emails and Messaging Systems
  • Computer lessons on how to send messages to family and friends by email
  • Send photos to people using email attachments
  • Build up an email address book of all your contacts
  • Retrieve your emails on the go from anywhere, libraries, web cafes etc.
  • Using different devices to retrieve emails such as your smart phone

Setting Up Your Computer Safely and Securely

  • Setting up your computer to suit your personal requirements
  • Personalise the look and feel of your PC, the computer desktop
  • Learn about installing software and programs on your computer
  • Computer lessons on removing unwanted programs and software
  • How to protect yourself from scams and ID theft with secure passwords
  • Lessons on protecting your computer from damage with antivirus software
  • Getting broadband or Wi-Fi connected to your computer with a router
  • Lessons on using a webcam for chatting on Skype or video-calling
  • Installing your printer and any other hardware you may use with the computer
  • Learn about cleaning up your computer to make it work efficiently

An Appreciation of Digital Photography, Webcams and Smart Phones

  • Connecting your computer and camera together
  • Transferring photos between camera, smart phone and computer
  • Learn how to Edit and Photoshop your pictures for fun
  • Saving your photos to a disk or USB memory stick
  • Printing off your photos on photographic quality paper
  • Organising your photos into folders on your computer, lessons in archiving

Learning How To Write Letter and Documents on the Computer

  • Writing a letter in a word processor and print it off
  • Create special templates for invoices or estimates
  • Getting creative to make cards for celebrations, birthdays or Christmas etc.
  • Lessons on desktop publishing to produce flyers or newsletters
  • Save and organise documents on the hard drive of your computer
  • Edit documents to change their appearance, lessons in document construction
  • Printing labels for envelopes and making business stationary
  • Learn about graphics, JPEGs, GIFs and putting them in your documents
  • Computer lessons on scanning documents and photographs to your hard drive

Learn About Files and Folders On Your Computer

  • Learn about MS Windows and the operating system
  • Organise your work by creating a filing system with folders
  • Computer lessons on how to copy, paste, move and delete files or folders
  • Copying files to a disk or memory stick for more permanent storage
  • Learning the importance of creating back-ups on to disk or OneDrive
  • Using web storage or the cloud to save and back-up important files and photos

Entertainment and Recreation With Your Computer

  • Playing games, gaming alone or with others on the internet
  • Enjoying your music, films, DVDs, plus downloading and streaming films
  • Record music, learn how to burn music off to DVDs or a memory stick
  • Lessons on how to create graphics on your computer for fun
  • Research and discover a world of information through using search engines
  • Learn how to Browse the web, just following links for fun, to see where it takes you!
  • Online dating safely, and making friends on social media such as Facebook

Build a Website To Greet The World

  • How to get a domain name for personal or business use
  • Building webpages using a WordPress blog or HTML editor such as Dreamweaver
  • Learn basic HTML, CSS and the basics of web page design and construction
  • Upload or publish your website to the Internet, learn about FTP file uploading
  • Computer lessons on how to make your web pages search engine friendly so they can find you!
  • Learn the basic concepts of web hosting servers and their management. Unix, Linux etc.

If you have a business and are looking for a professional web site design service then look no further. Wessex Digital can design a web site for you. Initial consultations are free. All enquiries welcome. Contact Us.

computer lessons

So What Qualifies Me To Teach You?

Plenty. I currently work on a jointly funded Dorset County Council/NHS Dorset CCG programme as an outreach worker proving information signposting for older people. I am also a Digital Champion with Dorset For You, where I provide personal one-to-one computer tuition in various Dorset libraries and village halls throughout the Purbeck region, whilst including the promotion of the roll-out of the Superfast Dorset programme. Based around Wessex, and London, I have been using computers for over 30 years now. I have a background and qualifications in IT. During that time I have provided technical support, worked as a magazine editor, and a web publisher, building and hosted websites for myself and dozens of other satisfied clients in Purbeck, Dorset and London. C. Wareham, 2016.

Now Get Your Computer Lessons Booked Today

Computer Lessons are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. Please contact me to book a convenient time and date. All computer training sessions / computer lessons take place at your (the customer’s) home or chosen venue using your (the customer’s) own computer, tablet or smart phone. I can do home visits throughout the Purbeck, Dorset area. I offer a £5.00 discount off your first lesson, if you are booking two lessons in advance. To get a quote you can use the contact page. I look forward to helping you.