The Wessex Way – Digital Inclusion for All

Digital Inclusion for Dorset

Thanks to the efforts of Dorset’s Digital Champions, many older residents of this historical Wessex county are being brought an opportunity to get their first peek into the modern digital world. Getting online greatly empowers Dorset’s older people by connecting them to friends, family and innumerable services across the globe. Dorset are truly creating a model of digital inclusion to be proud of.

Fibre Broadband: Not Online Yet? Need Help?

“The earlier you get online the better… After that, the sky is the limit.”

Peter Maddock, 85

In Dorset? So How Do You Get It?

  1. Visit Dorset LEP to check in your area of Wessex for the availability of digital fibre broadband.
  2. Contact your internet provider and ask to be switched to fibre broadband.
  3. Most internet providers arrange for an engineer to come to your property and install the new digital service.

For more information visit:

Superfast broadband for Dorset

Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership

If fibre broadband is not available in your area yet, register on the website for an email notification when digital fibre has arrived in your area.

Digital inclusion for Dorset's Older Citizens

The Digital Landscape of Dorset is Transforming

By the end of 2017 due to the Superfast Dorset programme, approximately 97% of Dorset residents had access to 24Mbps or more. This will make Dorset one of the best online areas of the UK.

Test Your Fibre Optic Broadband Speed Here:


What Fibre Broadband Speed Will You Need?

17 Mbps: Ideal for browsing the web or downloading

  • Great for smaller households
  • Good for several devices online at once
  • It takes about 30 mins to download an average HD film
  • Good for streaming online TV broadcasts

38 Mbps: Great for multiple users downloading & streaming

  • Ideal for families with lots of devices
  • Better for multiple devices online simultaneously
  • It takes about 15 min to download an average HD film
  • Better to stream online TV broadcasts

76 Mbps: The Best for multiple users downloading & streaming

  • Ideal for speed
  • It takes about 8 min to download an average HD film
  • The Best for streaming online TV broadcasts

Internet Advisor – How much speed do you need?

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