Web design services for Dorset based projects are available here. Your digital presence is vital in Dorset today if you are to get your message out there. The cornerstone of this is a good web site. Wessex Digital is a Purbeck based company providing website design, web development, and online marketing (SEO and paid marketing/Google Adwords etc.). We can assist your ambitions with our offers, high quality services and backup.

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Web Design in Dorset

My Background in Web Design

Web site design has been a service I have offered since 1999. My first web site was a counterpart to a printed magazine based in Dorset. The online version soon superseded the printed version, and developed into an online web-based magazine in its own right. It was in fact a very early form of weblog (or blog). This was way before such things as blogs were commonplace on the web. There was no professionally viable off-the-shelf DIY web design software to do all the hard work for you then – you had to actually know HTML and JavaScript etc. At the turn of the millennium, Dorset was slowly awakening to the possibilities of web marketing. My very earliest attempts were designed for business associates here in Dorset; they were hand written, coded line by line, in nothing more than a simple text editor, and then painstakingly tested in various browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer. All the graphics I created in Adobe software, and in the process became something of an adept with Adobe Photoshop – a long, long time before ‘photoshopping’ slipped into our trendy vocabulary. Things have changed enormously, and it’s been fascinating to follow the growth of Dorset based content on the web.

Freelance Dorset Web Design

People around Dorset saw my work, and before long I was being asked if I could do something for them too.  So over the years I slowly built up a small business creating bespoke web site designs for small local Dorset traders looking for their initial web presence. This encouraged me to branch out into a professional freelance role. That role found me working as a web designer for projects based in London and all around the world, but to this day, it is still working in close partnership with local Dorset businesses that gives me the greatest satisfaction. So if you are based in the Purbeck area, if you have a small business and would to know about how you might go about getting online, contact me and we’ll arrange a no obligation chat.

Purbeck Areas Served

All Purbeck towns and villages including: Corfe Castle, Wareham, Swanage, Church Knowle, Kingston, Worth Matravers, Langton Matravers, Harman’s Cross, Wool, Winfrith Newburgh, Moreton, Bovington, East Stoke, Lulworth, Kimmeridge, Bere Regis, Briantspuddle, Bloxworth and Lytchett Matravers; and all other villages in the Purbeck area.

Web Design in Purbeck

Dorset to London and Back Again

As a freelance web designer I’ve had business to business work with high profile Dorset based graphic design agencies. It’s been an interesting journey that has taken me from humble beginnings in my hometown of Poole, Dorset, up to London for a decade, and then back down to Dorset again. The professional journey has found me in a variety of roles, varying from supplying hosting services and technical support, to working on large-scale projects within a team of web designers, and corrective de-bugging work of other company’s web designers when things haven’t turned out quite right for them. Much of the commercial work has had an industrial focus, for example designing websites for civil engineering companies, industrial installation engineers, and Dorset based property development. I have also designed a completely branded portfolio of websites promoting a chain of nursing homes for older people across Dorset.

Dorset History Going Online

I count myself lucky to have had the privilege to provide hosting and technical support services for web sites of a more historical theme, involving Dorset museums and the curation of valuable artefacts. Then on a more social and recreational note, I have been involved in web development for Somerset Tourism, graphic design projects for a high-profile Dorset based motor sports team, and web sites for their individual performers. One of my proudest achievements has to be writing all the code behind the famous Green Chain website, which links together urban parkland, sections of greenbelt, nature trails and SSSI’s across SE London into a seamless series of walks for adults of all ages and abilities (or disabilities); and as a conservation and wildlife project, it also provides an invaluable educational resource for London’s schools.

The current range of Wessex Digital web design services includes:

Web design, web hosting, online marketing (SEO and paid marketing/Google Adwords etc.), copywriting, photographic re-touching, logo design and branding; consultation and advice. Personal computer tuition and website design.

If you are interested in using our services please provide us with your requirements so we can send you our best proposal, or alternatively provide your contact details so that we can discuss your requirements. You can expect quick, prompt, polite assistance.

For more information  please use the contact page or phone 07948 264248. I hope to hear from you.